Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is the process companies use to analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It focuses on consistently improving upon relationships with customers to drive sales growth.

Kechie provides a single database to be able to easily access and manage your customers. Manage customer interactions, automate workflow processes, and track all of the performance throughout the entire company.

Kechie makes the display of information clear, customizable, and simple to use between different areas of an organization. With real-time updates and being fully in the cloud, there’s no lag time or unnecessary phone calls and meetings. Just take a look at a customer profile and see all of the notes that everyone in the company have listed. From warm leads, sales, phone calls, and more. Track and stay on top of your relationships with your customers using Kechie.


  • Organizes contact info
  • Manages relationships with current and prospective customers
  • Support teams can access customer information anytime
  • Shows who on your team was in contact with the customers with detailed notes
  • Leads to better understanding of customers, as well as, easier formed relationships
  • Track potential clients as leads, add notes, and turn the lead into a customer
  • Kechie integrates with Salesforce

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