Cannabis & CBD

My Office Apps offers more than a comprehensive ERP system for cannabis and CBD businesses! Get complete control over the "the seed to sale" lifecycle.

Kechie ERP offers unique support for cannabis and CBD companies. With total inventory and supply chain management built-in, you can track every item of inventory and consumable stock. You can track said inventory across multiple locations, manage every aspect of your finances, and get more accomplished, more efficiently than ever before.

Kechie ERP for Cannabis & CBD Businesses


Customer relationship management doesn’t just have to apply to your customers. Manage industry contacts, vendors, and more with our advanced CRM module.

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Automate the regular purchases made by your company and always get the best deal in a timely fashion. Easily manage all vendors and track every purchase from beginning to end.

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Order Management

Kechie ERP tracks the life cycle of any sales order. From sales quote to approval, fulfillment, and invoicing. Allowing all departments real-time visibility for complete billing accuracy.

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Kechie monitors both internal and external manufacturing seamlessly. Track jobs/tasks for employees or obtain a status update from a third-party instantly with Kechie ERP.

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Multi-Warehouse Management

Tracks and controls the movement, fulfillment, and shipping storage of materials within multiple locations. Manage a grow house in California and a processor in Oregon seamlessly!

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Manufacturing and BOM

Kechie Manufacturing takes control of your entire manufacturing process and works with your and your staff to manage all aspects easily and effectively.

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Supply Chain Management

Offering a comprehensive Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to track and determine the supply cycle’s best option. So you’re never without the next and best option.

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Complete Inventory Management

Kechie’s comprehensive inventory management system ensures that your inventory and consumables are tracked with up-to-the-minute reporting and analytics.

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Add Kechie Financial Management for the Complete Cannabis & CBD Business Solution

Accounts Payable

Manage vendor invoices and track payments every step of the way. Get a detailed history of vendor invoices and payment transactions with an assortment of AP reports.

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Accounts Receivable

Streamline accounts receivable by automating tasks, improve efficiency, expedite incoming cash flow, and reduced processing costs to simplify complex accounting procedures.

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Cash Management

Easily manage the collection of incoming revenue, use cash, and monitor cash balances while providing the cash records’ accuracy to be shared with all departments in real-time.

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General Ledger

Keep detailed records of transactions created in the system, manage journal entry transactions, and provide financial data to generate financial statements.

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Essential Cannabis & CBD Business Reports

Kechie features hundreds of reports and thousands of configurations designed to provide the most accurate information in real-time. Every configuration can be saved for future use. All reports come standard out-of-the-box with no limits on how many reports users can generate. Below is a selection of the most frequently used reports.

Kechie gives the ability to track consumable items is an out-of-the-box report for Kechie, providing users with detailed real-time information from the Consumption Utility. Effortlessly track material consumption to provide essential inventory data by creating unlimited reports. See the financial impact of consumption with quantity and cost information. Quickly make replenishment planning easy with our fully integrated system, entirely scalable to meet the needs of any enterprise.

One of our most powerful reporting tools. The comprehensive filtering and categorization options allow users to generate hundreds of specialized reports detailing the exact information they need in real-time—track and control inventory across multiple locations with essential visibility into stock levels. Make better business decisions with advanced top-down filtering based on expiration and best use dates for lot tracked items.

Efficiently manage inventory, logistics, and manufacturing data with Kechie’s powerful Material Transaction reporting tool. Track single items, groups of items, or the entire stock with unlimited reports dynamically created from highly configurable categories. All reports are scalable to fit the various needs of multiple departments with monitoring by Kechie’s advanced audit trail and traceability capability.

Auditing a company’s finances has never been more straightforward with Kechie’s General Ledger reporting tool. Generate detailed and summary reports tailored to the unique needs of your business, configurable out-of-the-box. Provide real-time insights from all across the system to present a single version of the truth and get the big picture to diagnose issues and drill down transactional details for detailed analysis.

Tracking and controlling inventory can be a major hassle for any company; this is especially true for cannabis companies who often lack the technology necessary to manage inventory effectively. Kechie offers a robust set of reporting tools for cannabis companies, capable of producing hundreds of different reports such as the Where Used report. When the information is generated, users can see all the Bill of Materials (BOM) the item belongs to and the quantity. This data, combined with easily viewed details providing additional inventory and financial information, can better inform any company’s decision-making process. Kechie allows users to create an unlimited supply of reports, fully configurable out-of-the-box with any Kechie package.

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