10th Anniversary

Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: Our 10th Year Anniversary

People celebrating 10 years of Kechie ERP.

A decade ago, we embarked on this journey with a singular mission: to offer a scalable solution to small and medium-sized businesses. Our story began with a realization of the gap in the ERP market for SMBs. We saw basic solutions that could only handle a few business processes, riddled with limitations, or towering ERP solutions with exorbitant price tags and overly complex features. We recognized the need for a solution that was not only easy to use and scalable but also offered comprehensive automation for all the essential business processes, without imposing financial strain.

As we reflect on the past decade, we are immensely proud of the milestones and achievements that have shaped our journey. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has driven us to continually push the boundaries and redefine industry standards.

Let’s Look at the Evolution of Kechie

In 2014 Planning, Design, Deployment, and Testing begins for Kechie.

In 2016, Kechie Inventory Management Package- Focusing on the core functionality of an organization. CRM, Order Management, Logistics, Procurement, & Returns (RMA).

In 2017, Kechie releases Cycle count, Serialization, Lot Tracking, Customer Service, Tons of Reports.

In 2018 Kechie Finanical Management built on best practices: AR, AP, Finance, Cash Management.

In 2019, Kechie Manufacturing is a complete solution with Service Center and shop Floor Controls for different types of Manufacturing.

In 2020, Kechie releases Shipping, CC, EDI, E-commerce, POS, Tax, a unique bi-directional integration with QuickBooks Online, and many others.

In 2021, Kechie releases Dashboards and KPI’s.

In 2022, Kechie releases Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Purchase Requisition, Disassembly, Revenue recognition functionality in the Finance module.

In 2023, Kechie releases Catalog and price management, display inventory level, direct communication through in-portal messaging.

In 2024, Task Management is released for Kechie, the latest addition to the software.

Kechie has a lot of functionality coming in the future such as 3PL, Equipment Maintenance, and Multicurrency.

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