Manage all aspects of your distribution business with My Office Apps cloud-native platform and transform the way that you do business forever

Get enterprise-level solutions for your business. My Office Apps offers complete automation of your inventory with advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Manage all aspects of your finances with A.I.-powered reporting and analytics to maximize efficiency. Built on the cloud and designed to help run your business more efficiently.

Kechie Inventory Management


Analyze customer data throughout their life cycle. Make smarter decisions for your customers.

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Streamline the pick, pack, and ship process, get real-time visibility into the logistical process.

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Order Management

Track every sales order and generate a comprehensive analysis of a customer’s history to share with every department.

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Customer Support

Tracks and controls the movement, fulfillment, and storage of materials within multiple warehouse locations.

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Multi-Warehouse Management

Tracks and controls the movement, fulfillment, and shipping storage of materials within multiple warehouse locations.

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Manufacturing and BOM

The Kechie Manufacturing application manages everything in MRP, creating jobs, and Bill of Materials, while fully integrating with the rest of the system.

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Supply Chain Management

Offering a comprehensive Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to track and determine the supply cycle’s best option.

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Complete Inventory Management

Get complete control of your supply and demand, transfer orders across multiple warehouse locations, including open orders and trends.

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Add Kechie Financial Management to Get the Complete Distribution Solution

Kechie Financial Management

Accounts Payable

Manage vendor invoices and track payments every step of the way. Get a detailed history of vendor invoices and payment transactions with an assortment of AP reports.

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Accounts Receivable

Streamline accounts receivable by automating tasks, improve efficiency, expedite incoming cash flow, and reduced processing costs to simplify complex accounting procedures.

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Cash Management

Easily manage the collection of incoming revenue, use cash, and monitor cash balances while providing the cash records’ accuracy to be shared with all departments in real-time.

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General Ledger

Keep detailed records of transactions created in the system, manage journal entry transactions, and provide financial data to generate financial statements.

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