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Centralized data is accessible from anywhere on any device.


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Full audit traceability for transparency & accountability.



Configurable & Scalable to your growing needs.


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All essential business functions are seamlessly connected in one robust solution.

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Our user friendly user interface allows for short learning curve.


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Automatic software updates & backups.


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Dedicated top-not customer support team.


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Comprehensive solution at a competitive price.

A Single ERP Solution To Manage Your Business

Kechie Full ERP: Discover the future of business management software

Kechie’s web-based ERP unifies all modules and streamlines processes including inventory management, procurement, sales order management, finance, manufacturing, CRM, warehouse management, and logistics, ensuring your business works together harmoniously for unparalleled efficiency and success.

  • Kechie ERP operates entirely in the cloud.
  • Minimize the hassle of a large installations, equipment, and integrations needed.
  • Fully integrated modules with real-time auditing, online inventory tracking, and comprehensive reporting tools.
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Kechie Inventory Management Software: Control your inventory & operate your business in sync

Kechie ERP’s inventory management software is a comprehensive solution designed for distributors and manufacturers of all sizes. Efficiently monitor and manage multiple warehouse locations, optimize inventory levels, enhance order fulfillment, and seamlessly integrate with other modules like Orders, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management.

  • Allows for tracking and management of inventory across multiple warehouse locations.
  • Users can efficiently organize inventory levels, perform cycle counts, and enhance order fulfillment from anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced customizable parameters let you monitor the entire life cycle of items in your inventory.
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Kechie Manufacturing Software: Maximize productivity

Kechie ERP’s Manufacturing solution integrates manufacturing processes connecting inventory, production, and operations data, providing clients with comprehensive scheduling, reporting, and inventory management capabilities. This streamlined solution optimizes manufacturing processes and overall efficiency, offering a seamless and integrated approach to manufacturing management.

  • Kechie streamlines the entire manufacturing process, making problem-solving easier.
  • Fully integrated, connecting business, inventory, and production seamlessly.
  • Centralized data allows Kechie to provide comprehensive scheduling, reports, and inventory management.
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erp manufacturing management software

Kechie Financial Management Software: Control Your Finances

Kechie ERP’s Financial Management solution seamlessly connects with all Kechie products, such as sales, supply chain, and inventory management. It equips businesses with essential tools for data collection, asset management, and precise financial reporting.

  • Versatile chart of accounts for detailed reports.
  • Facilitate data gathering, asset management, and precise financial reporting.
  • User authorization profiles can be configured to streamline financial control within the organization.
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Kechie B2B eCommerce Portal: Elevate B2B Relationships

Kechie’s B2B eCommerce Portal offers an all-in-one solution, allowing your B2B clients to efficiently manage inventory, place orders, track shipments, make payments, and engage in real-time communication. This portal seamlessly integrates with all other Kechie modules for a comprehensive business management experience.

  • Customize your B2B web portal to display special pricing for each customer
  • Seamlessly link the Customer Portal to your website
  • Ensure accountability and accuracy throughout the system with real-time traceability.
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