Food Services

Whether you're a food distributor or a restaurant group trying to keep track of inventory, Kechie ERP has the tracking and reporting tools you need.

Kechie ERP does more than managing inventory. It features a suite of comprehensive reporting tools; managing the bottom line has never been more straightforward. My Office Apps offers a fully configured, cloud-based ERP system that conforms to the needs of your business. From designing the system, implementation, and beyond, My Office Apps and Kechie ERP provide all the tools you need to tackle the challenges of the modern world. With a food ERP software system, entrepreneurs, managers, and retailers can perform distinct assignments. You can easily calculate the accurate weight or the measurement of your products. Moreover, it can track various things, including the loss of inventory, ingredients, or even the spending that adds up to distribution for the production cycle.

Advanced Features

  • Warehouse management
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Easy Bill of Material & Kitting
  • Consumption-track and control consumables
  • Expiration & best use-by dates
  • Purchase/sales order management
  • Managing potential recalls
  • Extensive reporting & traceability tools
  • Catch Weight-meat/seafood, dairy, bakery, & more

Kechie Inventory Management

The Customer Relationship Management module is a tool designed with constant contact in mind. Never lose track of a customer’s purchase history, manage every contact from every vendor, and anticipate your network’s needs.

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Designed for the ultimate ease-of-use. The Inventory Management module is the solution food services need to track every piece of inventory throughout its entire lifecycle, across multiple locations with comprehensive auditing tools.

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Track all orders made with every vendor with our advanced Material Requirements Planning (MRP) engine. The Procurement module is fully integrated with Kechie ERP, meaning that every step of the order is tracked and reported for your convenience.

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Whether it’s a distribution warehouse or a chain of restaurants across the country, know the inventory, personnel, tasks, and more at the click of a button. Get comprehensive analytics and reporting tools at your fingertips.

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Know more than just the bottom line. Get detailed analysis about your purchase and sales orders from anywhere. Kechie’s integrated system works smarter for you to limit manual processing, human errors, and duplication.

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Never be without an answer. My Office Apps will always provide access to our online portal and ticket system 24/7, with helpful tutorials and personalized troubleshooting. We offer the very best support for the lifetime of your membership.

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Featured Food Services Integrations

Essential Food Service Reports

Kechie features hundreds of reports and thousands of configurations designed to provide the most accurate information in real-time. Every configuration can be saved for future use. All reports come standard out-of-the-box with no limits on how many reports users can generate. Below is a selection of the most frequently used reports.

Gain a critical understanding of your inventory, see the total cost and potential profits in a few easy steps with Kechie’s powerful reporting tools. Kechie can create an unrestricted amount of reports and saved filters to help optimize inventory, improve data accuracy and inform decision-making on all levels.

Kechie gives the ability to track consumable items is an out-of-the-box report for Kechie, providing users with detailed real-time information from the Consumption Utility. Effortlessly track material consumption to provide essential inventory data by creating unlimited reports. See the financial impact of consumption with quantity and cost information. Quickly make replenishment planning easy with our fully integrated system, entirely scalable to meet the needs of any enterprise.

One of our most powerful reporting tools. The comprehensive filtering and categorization options allow users to generate hundreds of specialized reports detailing the exact information they need in real-time—track and control inventory across multiple locations with essential visibility into stock levels. Make better business decisions with advanced top-down filtering based on expiration and best use dates for lot tracked items.

One of the easiest to create reports from Kechie Inventory Management, the invaluable High/Low Report immediately shows every item in your inventory outside their minimum and maximum quantity levels. Easily define min and max levels in a quick setup screen, and in two clicks, the report will show nettable and non-nettable inventory levels calculated in real-time. Kechie’s fully integrated design incorporates sales and ordering data by providing the item quantity on order and those allocated to sales.

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