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Transform Your Business with Kechie ERP for Furniture and Home Goods

Kechie is a leading ERP solution that caters to the needs of various industries. It offers a comprehensive suite of business tools for managing sales and purchases, production, accounting, invoicing, and online e-commerce. As a fully scalable, cloud-based ERP, Kechie allows for configuration, enabling manufacturers to tailor its functions to meet their specific requirements. This configurable capability empowers manufacturers to leverage the core functionalities of an ERP for the furniture & home goods industry while also addressing their unique needs within the production process.

Kechie’s web-based ERP for the furniture & home goods industry offers complete solutions for managing customer relationships, inventory, order management and supply chains. Kechie streamlines production procedures from conceptualization to after-sales services, offering real-time records visibility, improving productivity, reducing errors, and assisting higher decision-making. This results in sustainable commercial business growth and increased revenue.

Key Advantages of Implementing Kechie ERP for Furniture and Home Decor

Rid yourself of multiple, disparate applications and bring your data into one customizable system.

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SKU & UPC Manipulation

Kechie Inventory Management Software can streamline the creation and management of all SKUs and items.

Intuitive interface for generating unique SKUs, tracking inventory levels, and managing product details.

Enhance your inventory control, improve overall efficiency, and free up valuable resources for other critical tasks.


Kechie offers complete data and visibility tracking for increased efficiency.

Automatic updates and credits to the customer accounts

Create repair work orders for items within or out of warranty

The return process tracks lot numbers, serial numbers, and warranties

Inventory Management

Kechie’s inventory management system is designed to efficiently monitor and manage multiple warehouse locations.

Streamline inventory levels, facilitate cycle count, enhance order fulfillment, and provide various other benefits.

It offers complete automation of inventory management and advanced features, with a user-friendly interface.

Kechie ERP helps eliminate silos between different aspects of the business, so that orders, manufacturing, and financials can be seamlessly connected.

As businesses grow, Kechie ERP scales with them, accommodating evolving needs and complexities.

Discover how this can work for your business

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Kechie ERP Furniture & Home Goods Product Features

Financials and Accounting

Increase staff productivity, close the books faster and leverage robust reporting tools that deliver real-time insight into financial performance.

Inventory Management

Eliminate inventory silos between channels and achieve the perfect product assortment. Avoid stock-outs, free up cash flow and deliver on promises with a unified instance of inventory data across all channels.

Order Management

Accelerate the order-to-cash process, decrease inventory holding costs and enable omnichannel operations by tying sales, finance and order fulfillment to pricing, sales order management and returns management.

Supply Chain Management

Increase efficiencies, streamline operations and provide a better understanding of bottom-line costs while maintaining the right inventory mix across the business.


Track campaign performance, manage sales incentive compensation and gain a real-time view of customer interactions across all channels of the business.


Kechie’s scalable MRP is built for Manufacturers. This robust solution will help you manage procurement, plan production activities and direct the complex manufacturing process in one, unified platform.


Kechie’s Procurement software offers a seamless automation of the procurement process for goods and services, guaranteeing optimal cost and timely efficiency.

B2B Ecommerce

Scale operations and support your global wholesale, retail and multi-brand business from a single commerce platform.

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