Manufacturing Software

Kechie Manufacturing takes MRP to the next level using the easiest methods of material creation and tracking, as well as management of the entire production cycle.

Manage your manufacturing processes in one place! Kechie offers integrated manufacturing features to connect your business, inventory, and production directly. Centralize your data and information to have more in-depth scheduling, reports, inventory management, and more.


  • Distinguish and track raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods
  • Manage work orders, both internal and external
  • Create jobs inside and track labor, time, and costs
  • Keep an eye on inventory WIP sent outside to third-parties
  • Automate backflushing of any component
  • Maintain a production calendar in Kechie
  • Schedule jobs, shifts, and employees
  • The Bill of Materials capabilities allows multi-level BOM routing
  • Multiple costing methods
  • Create and manage a BOM

Advanced Features

Kechie ERP offers a complete disassembly tool to assist in the manufacturing process. This functionality enables our users to easily disassemble finished goods, return the parts to inventory as raw materials, or remake the same part. Because disassembled parts are not always returnable, Kechie’s Disassembly module allows for proper handling of any scraps and return to stock with total ease. This advanced feature can also monitor all the serial numbers and lot tracking required by the inventory.

  • Easily assign a disassembly task from Kechie’s Job list
  • See the financial impact of disassembly and return to stock instantly
  • Create multi-tiered Job BOMs
  • Generate unlimited numbers of Jobs
  • Dynamically updated inventory levels limit human errors

Companies have many organizational challenges. That’s why we offer a robust Work Center designed for the modern manufacturer. Create unlimited numbers of Work Centers from single machines to entire facilities and departments. Make a Work Center for anywhere you wish to track the financial and operational impact on your business. The dynamic scheduling feature for each Work Center accounts for employee breaks, holidays, setup, and clean-up times. Assign crew and job specifications for each Work Center to manage company-wide production easily.

  • Simple setup and maintenance
  • Easily schedule & maintain all jobs in real-time
  • Quickly drill down to specific jobs for further details
  • Define work centers based on a company job route

Scheduling and planning Jobs for a manufacturing company can be a huge hassle when vital information is missing or not easily accessible; Kechie eliminates these challenges with our Shop Floor Calendar. By establishing some simple parameters like crew size, how long it takes to complete Job, setup, and cleanup times, the Shop Floor Calendar becomes automatically generated and dynamically updated every week. Our advanced monitoring safeguards against overscheduling and incorrect Job assignments, along with full audit and reporting tools to maximizes efforts company-wide.

  • Set any Shop Floor Calendar time up to 53 weeks
  • Real-time progress updates
  • Visually see when Jobs are schedule and their duration
  • Top-down view of the entire Floor calendar

Essential Reports

Kechie features hundreds of reports and thousands of configurations designed to provide the most accurate information in real-time. Every configuration can be saved for future use. All reports come standard out-of-the-box with no limits on how many reports users can generate. Below is a selection of the most frequently used reports.

Efficiently manage inventory, logistics, and manufacturing data with Kechie’s powerful Material Transaction reporting tool. Track single items, groups of items, or the entire stock with unlimited reports dynamically created from highly configurable categories. All reports are scalable to fit the various needs of multiple departments with monitoring by Kechie’s advanced audit trail and traceability capability.

Job Receipts help see the financial impact of the company’s work-in-progress jobs, and the status of each Job is easily filterable with an intuitive user interface. Generate unlimited quantities of these essential WIP accounting reports with easily drilled down details featuring the Job Bill of Material (BOM) and total Job cost, all presented in real-time with dynamic data.

Get a complete top-down view of all Jobs with numerous configurable categories to gather only necessary data from fully integrated modules. Kechie’s Job Status report provides wide-ranging project visibility with easy-to-read information and a simple setup to improve existing business processes. Like all of Kechie’s reporting tools, users can generate unlimited numbers of reports and saved configurations to provide status updates with minimal effort.

Auditing a company’s finances has never been more straightforward with Kechie’s General Ledger reporting tool. Generate detailed and summary reports tailored to the unique needs of your business, configurable out-of-the-box. Provide real-time insights from all across the system to present a single version of the truth and get the big picture to diagnose issues and drill down transactional details for detailed analysis.

Income statements are the primary financial statement for small to medium business owners. Kechie provides our partners with a comprehensive income statement tool to create detailed or summary reports instantly. Drill down into any amount on the statement and see all the transaction details enabling businesses to identify issues, and inconsistencies and make informed business decisions. Kechie makes it convenient and straightforward with an easy-to-understand interface, fully integrated to provide real-time financial information, all standard out of the box.

One of our most powerful reporting tools. The comprehensive filtering and categorization options allow users to generate hundreds of specialized reports detailing the exact information they need in real-time—track and control inventory across multiple locations with essential visibility into stock levels. Make better business decisions with advanced top-down filtering based on expiration and best use dates for lot-tracked items.

Available Modules

Manage customer returns better and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requests.

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Streamline the pick, pack, and ship process, get real-time visibility into the logistical process.

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Analyze customer data throughout their life cycle. Make smarter decisions for your customers.

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Manage third-party manufacturers, get an overview of all production orders, costs of goods, and much more.

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Get complete control of your supply and demand, transfer orders across multiple warehouse locations, including open orders and trends.

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Kechie Procurement module seamlessly automates the purchase of goods and services, at the optimal cost and in an efficient timely manner.

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Track every sales order and generate a comprehensive analysis of every customer’s profile and history to share with every department.

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Offering a comprehensive Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to track and determine the supply cycle’s best option.

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Tracks and controls the movement, fulfillment, and shipping storage of materials within multiple warehouse locations.

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Kechie boasts a help desk that allows us to respond to requests right from the module you are in available 24/7 via email.

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