Kechie’s Manufacturing Solution Streamlines Production with Integrated MRP and Production Management Systems

Kechie’s Manufacturing solution has elevated the implementation of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) by utilizing uncomplicated techniques for material creation and tracking, as well as overseeing the entire production cycle. Our integrated manufacturing features enable businesses to manage their manufacturing processes in a single location, connecting their inventory, production, and overall operations.

By centralizing data and information, our clients can access more comprehensive scheduling, reports, and inventory management capabilities. We offer a streamlined solution for businesses seeking to optimize their manufacturing processes and enhance their overall efficiency. Choose Kechie’s Manufacturing solution for a seamless and integrated approach to manufacturing management.

Key Benefits of Implementing Kechie’s Manufacturing Solution

Kechie Manufacturing takes MRP to the next level using the easiest methods of material creation and tracking, as well as management of the entire production cycle.

  • Distinguish and track raw materials
  • Manage work orders, both internal and external
  • Create jobs inside and track labor, time, and costs
  • Keep an eye on inventory WIP sent outside to third-parties
  • Automate backflushing of any component
  • Maintain a production calendar in Kechie
  • Schedule jobs, shifts, and employees
  • The Bill of Materials capabilities allows multi-level BOM routing
  • Multiple costing methods
  • Create and manage a BOM

Kechie’s Advanced Manufacturing Features

Essential Reports

Kechie features hundreds of reports and thousands of configurations designed to provide the most accurate information in real-time.

Material Transaction

Efficiently manage inventory, logistics, and manufacturing data with Kechie’s powerful Material Transaction reporting tool. Track single items, groups of items, or the entire stock with unlimited reports dynamically created from highly configurable categories. All reports are scalable to fit the various needs of multiple departments with monitoring by Kechie’s advanced audit trail and traceability capability.

Job Receipt

Job Receipts help see the financial impact of the company’s work-in-progress jobs, and the status of each Job is easily filterable with an intuitive user interface. Generate unlimited quantities of these essential WIP accounting reports with easily drilled down details featuring the Job Bill of Material (BOM) and total Job cost, all presented in real-time with dynamic data..

Job Status

Get a complete top-down view of all Jobs with numerous configurable categories to gather only necessary data from fully integrated modules. Kechie’s Job Status report provides wide-ranging project visibility with easy-to-read information and a simple setup to improve existing business processes. Like all of Kechie’s reporting tools, users can generate unlimited numbers of reports and saved configurations to provide status updates with minimal effort.

Inventory By Location

One of our most powerful reporting tools. The comprehensive filtering and categorization options allow users to generate hundreds of specialized reports detailing the exact information they need in real-time—track and control inventory across multiple locations with essential visibility into stock levels. Make better business decisions with advanced top-down filtering based on expiration and best use dates for lot-tracked items.

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