Manage Your Entire Production With Kechie ERP’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Solution

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Kechie ERP’s Manufacturing module helps to keep track of products manufactured through internal production activities including raw materials status, work-in process (WIP), finish goods status, production job tracking, and expected due dates.

Kechie ERP’s External Production module helps you manage production that is being performed for you by third party contract manufacturers. It will provide an overview of pending and open production orders, which vendors are producing the goods, costs of goods and when the material is due to be received.

Kechie’s scalable MRP is built for Manufacturers. This robust solution will help you manage procurement, plan production activities and direct the complex manufacturing process in one, unified platform.

Key Benefits of Implementing Kechie’s Production Solution

Kechie’s production solution takes MRP to the next level using the easiest methods of internal and external production tracking.

Benefits (Internal)

  • Better scheduling of production jobs
  • Improved visibility on when a customer’s order will be ready to ship
  • Real time visibility on inventory and raw materials shortage
  • Manufacturing optimization, cost efficiency, and meeting your customers’ demands
  • Synchronized data with full integration of Kechie Supply Chain
  • Saves time with the prevention of dual entry and human errors

Benefits (External)

  • Improved ability to manage vendor performance
  • Better visibility to optimize and maintain a just-in-time inventory
  • Eliminate excess inventory that ties up your cash flow
  • Better cost of goods produced by third-party vendors
  • Synchronized data with full integration of Kechie Purchasing, Receiving, Inventory and Accounts Payable modules
  • Saves time with the prevention of dual entry and human errors

Kechie’s cloud-based Service Center provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline the management of RMAs, repairs, jobs, and more, all aimed at enhancing your valued customer’s experience.

Our Service Center module is a game-changer for your customer service and repair teams.

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Kechie ERP’s Manufacturing solution seamlessly integrates essential business functions for efficient end-to-end operations.

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