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Get the best customer support integrated into your Kechie ERP software.  The staff at My Office Apps is dedicated to helping your team succeed. We strive to offer the very best support to streamline your business processes and improve the way your business operates.

ERP Software customer support

My Office Apps award-winning customer service starts with your inquiry; we help blueprint the workings of your business and outline your processes to create a scope of work. Then, our teams help you through every step of implementation and training. Best-in-class customer service is reliant upon a caring and responsive team, and My Office Apps is here to ensure the success of your business. Our team is here to help you through your entire journey with advanced resources to respond to your needs quickly. In addition, Kechie features an “in-software” help desk that assists you with making service requests from every module. Furthermore, our ticketing system is intuitive and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thus ensuring our prompt response to your support issues, functionality questions, and more. Finally, we treat every customer at My Office Apps like a partner because our customers are partners working for mutual success.

Dedicated Personnel 

Our team of engineers, customer service, and account managers is here for you and your business. We dedicate implementation specialists and project managers for easy implementation and effective management during the onboarding process. In addition, we also provide specialized training for every user.

Online Support Portal

Kechie ERP hosts a dedicated ticket system, allowing partners to submit a ticket for support questions, functionality concerns, suggestions to help improve Kechie, and more. The ticketing system is fully integrated and usable on every module. In addition, we’ve made it available 24/7 for the convenience of our partners. 

Phone Support

My Office Apps offers convenient phone support for our partners. Easily access our team of experts at all levels of support to help for any reason, be it technical support or any general question. We’re here to help! The pros at My Office Apps are committed to helping your business not just succeed but thrive.

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Implementation Made Easy

Most ERP systems require an outside, third-party consultant to help implement an ERP for your company. With Kechie, you don’t need to bring in a consultant or firm to help with implementation. Instead, we deploy our in-house implementation and business experts to work with you to bring about a painless, time-efficient implementation. We use our 30 years of experience to adapt Kechie to your business, not the other way around. While other ERP systems will assist in the implementation, My Office Apps learns exactly how you do business and strives to improve your standing processes. We work with you. We work with you as a partner to help run your business more efficiently.

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Configurations Are No Problem

My Office Apps has an award-winning customer service staff and engineers committed to improving and creating new features in Kechie all the time. Our system is fully configurable, meaning Kechie ERP is a platform that changes according to the industry, the business, and the individual user. We also offer unique customization for our partners who need additional features or integrations separate from our standard packages. So as your business needs to change, so can we. Contact us for more information.

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