Cash Management

Enhance Your Cash Management with Kechie

Managing cash is at the core of financial stability, and Kechie’s Cash Management solution is here to optimize and automate the process. The Cash Management feature is designed to handle the complexities of cash collection, tracking, and balancing, all while maintaining impeccable accuracy in your cash records.

Kechie doesn’t just manage cash; it streamlines your entire cash management process. By simplifying tasks, it not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces processing costs, freeing up valuable resources for strategic financial decisions.

Kechie offers advanced features such as bank reconciliation, deposits, transfers, and all other cash-related transactions. It ensures that your cash records are not just accurate but precise with a full audit traceability with every transaction.

Discover the Future of Financial Control with Cash Management

This powerful solution offers a suite of features that simplify and enhance your cash management processes.

A Cutting Edge Solution

Say goodbye to the complexities of handling customer payments collected from various sources. Our Cash Management solution simplifies the posting of these payments, ensuring that every dollar is accurately accounted for and applied to the correct account.

Ease of Use

Depositing cash from sources other than customers becomes a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly interface.

Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated credit card payment processing is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our software, allowing you to effortlessly manage electronic payments and be fully PCI compliant.

Streamline Transfers

Streamlining fund transfers between cash accounts has never been easier. Our solution empowers you to move money between accounts with efficiency and precision, putting you in control of your finances.

Intuitive Tracking

Monitor and manage your cash flow in real-time with Kechie Cash Management.  Our solution provides visibility into your cash position with easy bank reconciliation, all deposits and transfers, and efficient credit card reconciliation, ensuring you have the best data at your fingertips.

Enhanced Workflows

Incorporate Cash Management into your financial workflow and unlock a world of simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy. Gain control over your cash management processes and experience real-time visibility into the finances of your business.

Experience a new era in cash management with Kechie. It’s more than just a tool; it’s your partner in financial precision and efficiency, helping you achieve greater control and confidence in your financial operations.

This integration is key to effective financial management, as it allows for instant updates.

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