Is It Really Important to Choose the Right ERP Solution the First Time?

These statistics seem to say it is.

  • 80% of customers are unhappy with their current ERP.
  • 60% of ERP projects fail.
  • 90% fail to deliver any measurable ROI.
  • 95% of failure companies dedicate less than 10% of total budget to education/training/change
  • 41% of enterprises fail to realize less than 50% of all benefits.

What can go wrong if you don’t?

The System implementation can take longer than expected. The Lack of training causes lack of confidence and efficiency.  The system isn’t as easy to use as predicted, causing a loss in time and value. The system isn’t cloud-based, meaning sales people can’t work on-the-go. Companies fail to realize less than 50% of all benefits because of a lack of training and efficiency that over-complicated and expensive ERP systems.

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Great ERP systems need to be able to prevent and avoid these problems at all costs.

The solution is to make sure the ERP you choose has: a good price, ease of use/customization, scalability, and is cloud-based/accessible everywhere.

Don’t miss out by getting a complicated ERP system that you will hate; get a sophisticated ERP system that’s easy to use, and the entire company will love.
Kechie ERP – The next generation of Cloud-based ERP solutions.

Kechie ERP is ready to go and easy to use. Get training along the way with built-in, specific training videos. It is the most customizable ERP system that adapts around your business, not the other way around. Not to mention, Kechie ERP is the most affordable ERP compared to the other top-named brands. With a 100% user satisfaction rate, Kechie continues to provide the very best for all businesses looking to increase their ROI’s, grow, and expand.

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What have you got to gain? A complete revision on how efficiently and easily your teams can manage your company collaboratively without any of the downfalls.