Contract Management

Smoother Operations Ahead with Kechie’s Contract Management Solution

Transform Your Contract Management with Kechie’s Advanced Automation!

At Kechie, we recognize the hurdles that businesses face in managing contracts effectively. The struggle with manual processes, disorganized documents, and overlooked deadlines can result in costly mistakes and lost opportunities. That’s where we step in!

With Kechie, you’re not just automating contract management; you’re revolutionizing it. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tasks and the chaos of lost documents. Our solution ensures precision, compliance, and effortless collaboration throughout your organization.

What is Kechie’s Contract Management?

Discover how our Contract Management capabilities can streamline your processes, automate workflows, and handle advanced tasks using cutting-edge technology.

Handles Advanced Tasks

Capable of managing advanced tasks such as contracts with deferred revenue recognition.

Meticulously Designed System

Carefully crafted to optimize every aspect of the contract lifecycle.

Peak Productivity

Engineered to significantly boost overall productivity in contract management.

Enhances Contract Lifecycle

Seamlessly streamlines the contracts lifecycle from beginning to end.

Advanced Contract Management Features

Embrace a world where contract management is no longer a burden. Kechie ERP delivers unmatched efficiency and control, freeing you to concentrate on strategic goals.

Centralized Contract Repository:

Stores all contracts in one location for easy access.

Robust Document Management:

Efficiently organizes and manages contract-related documents.

Easily View & Update Customer Contracts:

Simplifies viewing and updating of customer contracts.

Automated Deferred Revenue Recognition:

Automatically schedules and recognizes revenue.

Intelligent Contract Tracking and Notifications:

Tracks contract milestones and sends alerts.

Fully Integrated with the AR Module:

Seamlessly integrates with Accounts Receivable for complete automation.

Real-Time Visibility and Integration:

Provides instant access and integrates with other business processes.

Run Reports on Contracts:

Enables detailed reporting on various contract aspects.

Set-up & Manage Contract Renewals:

Facilitates the setup and management of contract renewals.

Create & Manage Contracts by Term Type:

Allows creation and management of contracts based on different term types.

Experience the ease of managing contracts, ensuring compliance, and enhancing productivity with Kechie. Don’t wait, automate your contract management process now!

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Key Advantages of Contract Management Solution

Maximize efficiency and accuracy with our Contract Management Solution, designed to streamline your processes and ensure seamless compliance.

Efficiency and Time Saving:

Streamlines contract management processes, saving time and reducing manual effort.

Data Organization:

Enhances document handling and organization.

Renewal Management:

Simplifies the renewal process, reducing the chances of missed renewals.


Reduces manual workloads and increases overall operational efficiency.

Accuracy and Compliance:

Ensures accurate revenue recognition and adherence to compliance standards.


Provides robust security features, protecting sensitive contract information.

Proactive Management:

Keeps you ahead with timely notifications and tracking.

Strategic Insight:

Offers real-time insights for better decision-making and integration with other systems.

Improved Reporting:

Facilitates better decision-making through detailed contract reports.


Adapts to various contract types and terms, offering versatility.

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