Optimize Operations with Kechie’s Logistics Management Solutions

Fed up with the challenges of supply chain management? Discover the solution with Kechie ERP! Our advanced Logistics Software enhances the efficiency of the picking, packing, and shipping process through the integration of portal barcode scanners. Eliminate manual errors and gain full visibility and traceability of your inventory.

Experience precision and speed in delivery as our smart logistics solutions guide users directly to the location of items. With the added security of lot tracking and serialization, you can be confident that your shipments are managed with the utmost care.

At My Office Apps, we recognize the critical nature of fulfilling customer needs and expectations. This is why our Logistics module delivers a comprehensive solution designed to improve lead times and guarantee customer satisfaction. Transform your supply chain struggles into a seamless logistics operation with Kechie ERP.

Maximize Your Logistics Performance

With advanced features designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and visibility, you can propel your business forward and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Real-time Visibility & Tracking

Gain unparalleled insight into your operations with real-time visibility and tracking of shipments and inventory.

Create & Maintain Serial Number

Effortlessly create and manage serial numbers to enhance product traceability and inventory accuracy.

Create & Maintain Lot Number

Streamline batch processing with easy creation and maintenance of lot numbers, improving quality control.

Track Expiration Dates

Ensure product safety and reduce waste by accurately tracking expiration dates across your inventory.

Job Order Pick

Optimize order fulfillment with precise job order picking, minimizing errors and speeding up delivery.

Return to Vendor

Simplify returns management with efficient return-to-vendor processes, enhancing supplier relations and inventory accuracy.

Return to Vendor Order Shipping

Efficiently manage and ship return orders to vendors, ensuring seamless reverse logistics and inventory adjustments.

Easy Pick/Pack/Ship

Simplify your order fulfillment with our easy pick, pack, and ship feature, ensuring efficient and accurate deliveries.

Mobile and Handheld Screens

Stay connected and manage operations on the go with our mobile compatibility, offering flexibility and real-time access.

Automatic Generation of Packing Slip and Invoices

Automate your billing and shipping with our solution and effortlessly create packing slips and invoices, minimizing errors.

Barcode and Scanner Friendly

Enhance inventory management with our barcode and scanner-friendly system, allowing for quick and accurate product tracking.

Create & Maintain Serial Number

Efficiently create and maintain serial numbers for enhanced tracking and traceability of individual items, boosting inventory control.

Create & Maintain Lot Number

Streamline your inventory management with the ability to create and maintain lot numbers, facilitating easier recall processes and quality assurance.

Track Expiration Dates

Minimize risk and waste by accurately tracking expiration dates, ensuring compliance and the timely use or sale of products.

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Revitalize Your Supply Chain

Explore how our Logistics Software revolutionizes your supply chain, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction with cutting-edge technology.

Optimize Fulfillment Process:

Boosts order and inventory efficiency, ensuring fast, precise deliveries for a better customer experience.

Easy Pick/Pack/Ship:

Streamlines pick/pack/ship operations, enhancing speed and accuracy with user-friendly automation.

Mobile Empowerment:

Allows for operational flexibility with mobile and handheld device compatibility, enabling on-the-go management.

Compliance & Waste Reduction:

Helps in compliance with safety standards and reduces waste by monitoring the production and expiration dates of products.


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