Kechie helps streamline the process of pick, pack, and ship. Offering visibility into your supply chain, shipping, receiving, redistribution of goods, and delivery planning.

The Kechie Logistics module automates your pick, pack, and ship processes utilizing portal barcode scanners from receiving to shipping. Our intelligent solution directs the user to item locations while preventing human errors. The system allows complete visibility and traceability to who, where, and what actions took place at any given time. Kechie allows greater visibility into supply chain management, providing accurate and instant information about shipments and logistical performance.

The Logistics module provides an end-to-end solution that swiftly addresses customers’ demands and requirements, such as lot tracking and serialization, using barcode scanning. The system ensures optimized lead times, client expectations, and satisfaction.


  • Optimize fulfillment process
  • Real-time visibility & Tracking
  • Automatic generation of Packing slip and Invoices
  • Bar code and Scanner friendly
  • Easy Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Mobile and Handheld screens
  • Create & Maintain Serial Number
  • Create & Maintain Lot Number
  • Track Expirations dates

Advanced Features

Internal Job organization just got a whole lot simpler. Kechie combines a simple interface with our fully integrated modules to enable users to quickly locate and pick the items for a specific job from any location, bin, or lot. Kechie offers two ways to pick items from your inventory, using traditional manual picklists or through our mobile-friendly Pick Utility with a handheld scanner. Our easily scalable production controls are wholly configurable and adapt to your needs on the fly with our web-browser-enabled software.

  • Pick alternative items when materials are missing or low
  • Coordinate materials with dynamic real-time information
  • Quickly search based on Job number, Item name, Job status, or date
warehouse member using pick utility to get order using kechie erp software

Returns between a user or retailer and a vendor can be a significant source of frustration. They are time-consuming and can leave companies vulnerable to criticism from angry customers. Kechie RTV (return to vendor) feature uses reverse logistics to easily manage and track all RTV transactions for repair, replacement, or credit. This advanced feature accounts for any reason for a return, dynamically fills in Vendor details, and simplifies the RTV process.

  • Nurture relationships between vendor and seller
  • A user-friendly filterable search interface
  • Real-time inventory levels
  • RMA (return merchandise authorization) integration
business returning items to vendor using Kechie RTV module

Control and authorize all RTV (return to vendor) orders from a single screen. Provide fulfillment information for all RTV orders and quickly ship replacements and repair items directly to customers with minimal effort.

  • Easily access vendor shipping details
  • Quickly send out RTV orders
  • Manage fulfillment from multiple locations
  • Reduce errors within the reverse logistics
  • Preserve vendor and customer relationships
warehouse manager shipping rtv orders using kechie erp software

More Modules

The Kechie Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps companies analyze customer interactions, sales pipelines, and other data throughout the customer life cycle.

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The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module provides the ability to manage, receive, and replace the returned item, repair, send a substitute, or refund. Automate this process easily with Kechie ERP.

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Kechie Procurement module seamlessly automates the purchase of goods and services at the optimal cost and in an efficient, timely manner. Easily set up recurring and automated payments too.

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Kechie Order Management solution provides a complete way to manage all of your sales orders, as well as, a comprehensive analysis of your customer profile, ordering, and sales history.

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Kechie Supply Chain Management offers a robust Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to track and determine the best route of options for the supply cycle.

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Kechie Inventory Management solution is designed to track, manage multiple warehouse locations, organize inventory levels, provide cycle count, and improve order fulfillment.

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The Kechie Multi Warehouse Management solution tracks and controls the movement, storage, fulfillment, and shipping, of materials within multiple warehouse locations.

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