My Office Apps Introduces Its Unique Two-way Integrations between Kechie™ and QuickBooks Online


IRVINE, Calif., April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — My Office Apps, Inc. (MOA), an industry leader in business improvement software, announced it now provides an integration with QuickBooks Online.

Our unique integration is a two-way sync between Kechie and QuickBooks online. Unlike other Inventory Management or ERP software solutions, that offer a one-way integration, Kechie has a two-way sync, meaning the data flows back and forth between the two systems seamlessly. As information is updated in Kechie it will automatically update QuickBooks Online and all relevant updates in QuickBooks Online will be synced to Kechie. Kechie also offers real-time inventory management with audit traceability to track all your transactions and sync the data into QuickBooks to help with your financial management.

The integration enables businesses to create and sync the following processes:

Vendors– Vendors created in Kechie or QuickBooks Online will automatically pass through to the other system.

Purchase Orders– Creating a PO in either system will auto-populate in the other system to maintain the synchronization of data. Once PO is received, the information is sent to QuickBooks Online to be paid.

Customers– Customers created in Kechie or QuickBooks Online will automatically update both systems. Kechie provides additional features and offers a complete CRM to help your sales department manage all their customers and pipelines.

Sales Order– Create Sales Order & Quotation in Kechie and once shipped the invoice is generated in Kechie and automatically sent to QuickBooks to create the invoice in QuickBooks Online, enabling the systems to work together more effectively. Kechie provides many reports to keep track and analyze of all your sales data.

Inventory– All detailed location information including bin and multi-warehouse locations will be maintained in Kechie, since QuickBooks Online does not offer these capabilities. Kechie has full inventory management functionality and upon any updates, the information will be synced with QuickBooks Online in real-time. Up-to-date inventory visibility is available at an instant via either system.

Items– Creating items in Kechie or QuickBooks Online allows data to be exchanged between both systems. Kechie will offer additional options for item attributes, categories, product types, and more, to help with detailed reporting.

Mariam Komeili, MOA co-founder and CEO, commented, “Some clients would like to do their accounting in QuickBooks Online, but need that advanced inventory management or ERP capability to run their business. Creating this integration will provide peace of mind for clients and still give them the advanced features to manage their inventory or even do manufacturing, while still utilizing QuickBooks Online.”

About My Office Apps, Inc.

My Office Apps, Inc. (MOA) is a leader in business improvement software solutions to automate your organization. Building on three decades of software design and development, MOA delivers Kechie™, a transformative business tool. Kechie is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with a simplified user experience and the latest cloud technology. Sold in separate packages – inventory and warehouse management (CRM, Sales, Procurement, Logistics included), manufacturing, finance – or a fully configured ERP system to have all of these individual tools. Kechie is easily configured to the scalable needs of your growing business. For more information on managing your business processes more efficiently and effectively, visit My Office Apps.

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