5 Social Listening Strategies for Success in 2020

social listening strategies

In this age of technology, social listening is an essential skill for all top managers.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not just platforms for the young at heart. Businesses have recognized the value of social media and engage their customers and end-users through these resources regularly.  In a recent study by Smart Insights, top managers confirmed that active engagement positively influenced revenue and sales. With the exponential growth of social media in all we do, social listening has become an essential tool in maintaining awareness and monitoring the reputation of any business.

Customer pain points can be picked up with social listening.  This medium affords the ability to respond to questions, complaints, and comments.  Listening closely in these cyber spaces can provide managers with customer perspective which could affect the success of your business.  In addition to monitoring your business, social listening can help track competitors and benchmark yourself in the process.  


Pure Moderation, an online social moderation company, recommends 5 social listening strategies for business success:

business woman listening to pod cast

  1. Actively join social media discussions for better feedback than focus groups
  2. Understand growing social trends and news 
  3. Identify your influencers to spread the word from a trusted third party
  4. Recognize the need for product development from honest feedback
  5. Know your competitors by actively listening to the conversation

Continued development of listening skills at all levels of management is very essential for business success.  If communication inside and outside the organization is to be purposeful, we must listen to each other attentively.  Social listening clearly plays a significant role for all managers. Engaging in the conversation socially will provide insights into the strength and weaknesses of your products, services and organization.  Progressive organizations encourage the people within to learn and adopt active listening in all areas of business.

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