Still Holding the Hands of Your Sales Team?
Let Kechie Provide You with an A.I. Sales Coach

Don’t you wish you could watch over every single salesperson on every single sales call and give them tips on how to sell more?  The Kechie™ ERP software provides an equivalent capability called Upsales, using artificial intelligence-like techniques to provide real-time tips to a salesperson when they are in discussion with a prospect.

sales team struggling to get salesThe Upsales feature provides coaching to make it easier for salespeople to sell add-on products when talking to their customers. Oftentimes, the most profitable products may not be products a customer sets out to purchase, but rather a secondary product to accompany the purchase.  For example, if a computer salesperson is talking to a customer about purchasing a laptop computer, he/she might suggest they also include a spare battery and a laptop case with the order and increase the overall revenue and margin from the sale.

First, the Kechie Inventory module allows management, or product manager, to program Upsales links between products that pair naturally together.  These links are the basis for the suggestions of additional items to suggest when selling.  Secondly, a new icon appears in the Sales Order Entry module when a salesperson is entering the order for the first item.  This icon reminds the salesperson can suggest additional products to the customer.  When clicked, a popup screen appears with additional accessories or add-ons to the sales order.  If the customer agrees, the salesperson can make this addition with a single click.

Smart algorithms and A.I. technology are examples of features within the Kechie ERP system to enhance efficiency and profitability for companies.  Our goal is to provide the best solutions for small and medium-sized businesses using the latest techniques in order to contribute to the success of our customers. For more information, you can visit, or better yet, call us at (949) 486-1947 and ask us to schedule a demo so we can show how we can help solve your business issues you face, both today and tomorrow.