Supply Chain Management

Enhance Operations, Optimize Inventory, and Vendor Relationships

Kechie’s Supply Chain Management solution provides comprehensive tracking of all component pieces essential for your manufacturing and inventory needs. It meticulously monitors orders, materials received, lead times, due dates, and other critical information.

Included in the system is a robust Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) engine, offering a 52-week calendar outlook to guide you on timing, quantities, and materials necessary to meet your supply and demand expectations.

Moreover, Kechie offers an MRP Action report, a valuable tool in managing daily workflow processes. By running this report, you receive real-time suggestions on creating or canceling purchase orders and jobs in production, ensuring optimal alignment with supply and demand dynamics.

The Importance of Fully Integrating CRM with your ERP System

Discover powerful tools to optimize inventory, manage vendors efficiently, and save time with integrated data solutions.

Better ability to maintain a just-in-time inventory:

Optimize your inventory levels to meet demand without excess, reducing storage costs and improving cash flow.

Prevention of excess inventory:

Efficiently allocate capital by preventing excess inventory that ties up cash flow, reducing storage costs.

Fewer shortages of critical items:

Ensure consistent availability of critical items, avoiding lost sales and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Synchronized data integration:

Integrate Kechie’s modules for purchasing, receiving, production, and accounts payable to synchronize data, streamline operations, and improve decision-making.

Time-saving features:

Save time and reduce errors with the prevention of dual entry and human errors, improving overall efficiency.

Accurate MRP process:

Utilize a more accurate and less time-consuming process for determining what items to order and when to order them, improving inventory management.

Improved ability to manage vendor performance:

Enhance your vendor relationships and performance tracking, ensuring suppliers meet quality, delivery, and cost expectations.

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The Importance of Fully Integrating CRM with your ERP System

Enjoy stronger vendor relationships, streamlined operations, and increased revenue through optimized inventory levels and efficient ordering processes.

Enhanced vendor relationships and performance:

Strengthen relationships with suppliers and track performance to ensure they meet quality, delivery, and cost standards.

Optimized inventory levels, reducing storage costs:

Achieve optimal inventory levels to meet demand without excess, reducing storage costs and improving cash flow.

Improved cash flow by avoiding overstocking:

Prevent excess inventory that ties up capital, improving cash flow and financial stability.

Increased sales revenue by ensuring product availability:

Maintain consistent product availability for customers, leading to increased sales revenue and satisfaction.

Efficient ordering process, reducing time and effort:

Streamline the ordering process to save time and effort, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Streamlined operations and improved decision-making with integrated data:

Integrate data across operations to streamline processes and enhance decision-making.

Reduced errors and improved data accuracy:

Minimize errors and improve data accuracy to save time and resources, boosting efficiency and productivity.

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