B2B Customer Portal

Allow your B2B customers the flexibility to place orders directly through your website.

The B2B Customer Portal is the latest add-on to the Kechie, through the portal your B2B clients can check inventory availability, place and track orders, pay for invoices, and communicate with you all in real-time. Best of all, the customer portal is fully integrated with all the other Kechie modules.

Essential Benefits

Fully Configurable Interface

Customers can now set up a B2B web portal for their customers to enable online ordering and fulfillment information. The fully configurable portal allows you to select to show your entire inventory or a select few items available for purchase; the decision is up to you. You can also set up special pricing for each of your customers.

Ease of Use

The Customer Portal can be easily linked on the existing company website, fully branded with your business logo. The simple, user-friendly interface allows B2B customers to send sales orders, see their order history, and much more, all available to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Complete Integration

The Kechie ERP system is fully integrated; this extends to the Customer Portal as well. When an order is placed, every relevant module is updated, allowing for complete supply chain management—combined with real-time traceability and accountability ensuring total accuracy throughout the system.

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