Cloud-based ERP Inventory Management System

Enhance Operations with Kechie’s ERP Inventory Management Tools

Kechie ERP’s inventory management system is designed to efficiently monitor and manage multiple warehouse locations, streamline inventory levels, facilitate cycle count, enhance order fulfillment, and provide various other benefits.

This system is a comprehensive inventory management solution that seamlessly integrates with other modules, such as Orders, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management.

It enables complete control over supply and demand by establishing Min/Max levels, transferring orders across multiple warehouse locations, and tracking open orders and trends. All transactions are meticulously recorded and audited, ensuring real-time visibility and traceability. This feature guarantees that all actions are accounted for, promoting complete accountability for all transactions.

Kechie’s Inventory Management software is an enterprise-level solution that caters to distributors and manufacturers of all sizes. It offers complete automation of inventory management and advanced features, all presented in a user-friendly interface.

Integrated Business Solutions

Kechie Inventory Management seamlessly integrates essential business functions for efficient end-to-end operations.

Inventory Management for Efficiency and Traceability

Simplify operations, enhance traceability, and boost productivity with Kechie, a scalable cloud ERP.

Min / Max inventory method:

Set minimum and maximum stock levels to efficiently manage inventory levels and avoid stockouts.

FIFO / LIFO and average stock valuation:

Use different methods to value inventory, such as First In, First Out (FIFO), Last In, First Out (LIFO), or average cost, impacting financial reporting and tax calculations.

Multi warehouse locations & transfers:

Manage inventory across multiple locations and transfer stock between warehouses to optimize inventory distribution.

Audit trail with full traceability:

Maintain a detailed record of all inventory transactions and changes for audit purposes and traceability.

Serialized Inventory Management:

Assign unique serial numbers to items to track them individually throughout the supply chain, aiding in quality control and recall management.

Lot Tracking and Traceability:

Track inventory by lot numbers to manage expiration dates, recalls, and quality control for products produced in batches

Improve fulfillment performance:

Optimize order processing, picking, packing, and shipping to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Real-time visibility:

Gain real-time insights into inventory levels, orders, and shipments for better decision-making and customer service.

Scanner and Barcode friendly:

Use scanners and barcodes to quickly and accurately track inventory, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Elevate Your Operations with Kechie’s Inventory Management Solutions

Enhance your inventory management with Kechie’s comprehensive tools, fostering efficiency and control across your supply chain.

Unlocking Efficiency with Advanced Inventory Management

Explore our scalable ERP features designed to streamline operations, enhance traceability, and optimize inventory control for your business.

Help your customer service and repair teams better manage RMA requests with Kechie ERP’s advanced RMA feature. Whenever an RMA request is received, Kechie ERP will automatically begin the process depending on the type of request. Kechie ERP will automatically create a sales order for cross shipments and replacement requests, credit memos for credit issues, and refunds. Kechie ERP eliminates the guesswork to streamline and improve any company’s RMA procedure.

  • Faster customer response
  • Better visibility with broad auditing and tracking tools
  • Easily configured to your business’s established practices
  • Improve efficiency and prevent human errors
  • Automate your entire RMA process

Another advanced feature in the Kechie ERP suite is the ability to measure material with two different units of measure. Catch weight is used mainly in the food industry. For example, a block of cheese uses a unit of measurement in lbs. and average quantity per box. Catch weight management in an ERP system simplifies accurately tracking and reporting inventory and sales of products that can vary in size. The two measurements mean all your transactions from Purchase PO, Receiving, Sales Order, Production, and logistic need to consider measuring units to correctly calculate your inventory and these transactions.

  • Supports recording of dual units of measure
  • Supports definition of a nominal or average weight per item
  • Supports recording of actual weights at time of shipment
  • Order in one unit of measures and be invoiced in another unit of measure

Efficiently manage vendor-managed inventory with an easily configured setup and intuitive tools to cut operating costs. With the supplier handling the quantity and frequency of orders, you can reduce costs associated with personnel and space. Control Lean inventory levels with in-demand goods at the right time, removing the need for safety stock. Improve your business’s overall productivity by automating tasks to reduce errors and time spent.

  • Reduce overhead costs by paying for inventory you need
  • Greater visibility into inventory supply and demand
  • Decrease liability overall

For all items that are a part of your inventory but not sold and used within the company, Kechie ERP offers the Consumption Utility. Quickly establish controls for every employee to use and return consumable items within your business. Kechie ERP allows for the simple designation of consumable items such as medical, janitorial, and food supplies used business-wide or given as a donation. Our scalable cloud-based ERP system allows for paperless transactions and automation, enabling companies to go green.

  • Set min/max levels for all items
  • Manage consumables for multiple locations
  • Full audit traceability and tracking for all items
  • Improve inventory trends and restock orders
  • Eliminate excess stock and manual paperwork
  • Consumable inventory control and reporting tools

Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) enables inventory management for suppliers or vendors. The advanced feature fully integrates with the other modules in real-time safeguarding VMI Move transactions with complete accuracy. Create unlimited VMI transactions within multiple VMI locations or from VMI to regular inventory from the same screen.

  • Ensure that vendors always have the correct item(s) in stock
  • Cultivate supplier/customer relationship
  • Track inventory levels simply
  • Configurable user controls

A cycle count is a perpetual inventory auditing procedure. Companies regularly repeat a sequence that counts a subset of stock to give an overall inventory appraisal without counting every piece of inventory. Kechie ERP offers the ability to create unlimited cycle count parameters to automate the process and eliminate the need for error-prone physical inventory counts. Like all of Kechie ERP’s advanced features, this solution grows with your company, fully scalable for sophisticated inventories but easy enough that any small to medium-size business can benefit.

  • No facility downtime
  • Pro-actively reduces errors
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Cleans out warehouse space by optimizing your stock levels
  • Multiple cycle counting methods
  • Identify inconsistencies with Variance Reports

Whether you are a small or large business with one or many warehouses, Kechie makes transferring inventory items a simple process. The Transfer Order advanced feature allows the creation of unlimited transfer orders between warehouse locations. Each Transfer Order is drillable to ensure a smooth pick, pack, and ship process.

  • Transfer from any location
  • Web-browser enabled for mobile transfers
  • Display open sales order information per item number
  • Configure order information
  • Real-time item and inventory information

Reorganizing inventory can be a huge hassle, which is why Kechie ERP allows you to move any inventory item with just a few clicks. Move inventory based on your MRP (materials requirements planning) or Shop Floor calendar from multiple locations with no additional overhead. Improve inventory control efficiency by moving items from various locations and bins.

  • Bulk move or single piece move
  • Move items based on Packaging type
  • Move inventory manually or with handheld scanners
  • Adjust transactions with real-time inventory item levels
  • Meet demand without over or under stocking

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