The Right Warehouse Management Software for Today’s Business

Having the right systems in place, especially for warehouse inventory management is more crucial than ever before. One of the most important aspects being warehouse management software. idea for warehouse management software

It is without a doubt that Covid-19 presented obstacles and challenges to the business world, obstacles that are still being dealt with by different companies, especially when it comes to supply and demand.

A Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers numerous key benefits and insights into supply, demand,  and your supply chain with real-time visibility. If inventory, storage space, materials, and labor are at the center of your operations, some form of warehouse management software is key to running your business more efficiently.

We will cover some of the main benefits of having the right WMS and what might be missing from your current process.

How Beneficial Is your Current WMS?

Ideally your current Warehouse Management Software highlights areas of improvement to maximize your returns on labor, storage, and equipment investments. Feedback from these areas of your business allows for the right adjustments to increase profits and decrease inefficiencies.

By coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows incremental improvements go a long way.

Warehouse management systems are designed to track everything such as:

  • The location of products
  • Quantity of products
  • Availability of materials
  • Controlling Costs
  • Items currently in production
  • Customer Fulfillment Processes

Allowing businesses to optimize inventory management processes, streamlines order fulfillment by tracking which items are in need of replenishment or reordering before they run out of stock.

In addition to managing inventory levels within warehouses, some WMS solutions also provide functionality for storing data related to shipments and shipping management—keeping track of where shipments are in transit and providing tracking information about the shipments.

This functionality if not currently part of your business should be highly sought after for improving on inefficiencies, and ultimately creating more profits.

WMS integrations in Kechie ERP

When it comes to our own WMS systems within Kechie the cloud is key. Moving to cloud warehouse management systems can provide businesses with a solution that offers real-time visibility, scalability, and market reactivity.

On the cloud, you can have real-time visibility into your entire inventory from anywhere in the world, without having to purchase more hardware or software licenses.

Below are some of the key warehouse management tools that Kechie a fully-integrated ERP software is capable:

warehouse employee using fully integrated erp system

  • Product Category and Grouping
  • Audit trail with full traceability
  • Multi-warehouse location and transfers
  • Billing of Materials
  • Serialization and Lot Tracking
  • Min/Max Alert
  • Managing all warehouse locations- including bin location

If any of these features plus others not listed are lacking in your current Warehouse Management Software, now may be the time to draw a comparison with the full list of capabilities of Kechie.

Being fully integrated Kechie WMS connects with other modules including Inventory, Procurement, Sales, Supply Chain Management and the rest of Kechie ERP software in real-time.

Contact us today to schedule a demo or learn more about how Kechie from My Office Apps can redefine your Inventory Management process.