Kechie Procurement module seamlessly automates the purchase of goods and services, at the optimal cost and in an efficient timely manner.

Kechie ERP Procurement Management software to seamlessly automates the purchase of goods and services

Kechie Procurement module offers a detailed way to manage your vendors and purchase orders utilizing our powerful Material Requirements Planning (MRP) engine. All the necessary information required to make an intelligent purchase is at your fingertips.

Our solution includes an approval process to allow complete control over your business operations. Only authorized users will have the necessary access to complete any transactions as defined by your business requirements.


  • Create purchase orders within seconds
  • Purchase order reconciliation
  • Easily create and manage vendors
  • Alerts to all relevant users of past due purchase orders
  • Optimize cash flow
  • Define approval process
  • Capture discounts and other associated costs
  • Purchase order planning with MRP engine

Advanced Features

Now you can automate your purchasing requirements throughout your organization with the Kechie Purchase Requisition feature. This advanced feature allows different departments or divisions within your organization to request goods or services. Once approved by management, the Purchase Requisition automatically is available for your central purchasing department to view and purchase.

  • Centralize and automate all your inner company requests
  • Convert to a Purchase Order in one easy step
  • Create Multiple Purchase Orders from one Purchase Requisition
  • Create requests anywhere with our cloud-based solution

Quickly generate unlimited configurable MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) Calendars in Kechie and take control of your production. The MRP Calendar is a complete planning solution for companies to plan their production for up to a full year. The web-browser-enabled ERP software anticipates supply and demand for up to a full year, allowing for allocating raw materials, components, kits, subassemblies, and more.

  • Create Action MRP Reports with a few clicks
  • Produce calendars for Firm and Planned orders
  • Drill into supply and demand with real-time data
  • Greater visibility into inventory requirements
  • Optimize production levels
  • Gain superior efficiency company-wide

More Modules

The Kechie Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps companies analyze customer interactions, sales pipelines, and other data throughout the customer life cycle.

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The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module provides the ability to manage, receive, and replace the returned item, repair, send a substitute, or refund. Kechie easily automates this necessary business process.

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The Kechie Logistics module tools help to monitor carrier performance, gain greater visibility into supply chains, and provide accurate and instant information about shipments and supply chain performance.

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Kechie Order Management solution provides a complete way to manage all of your sales orders, as well as, a comprehensive analysis of your customer profile, ordering, and sales history.

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Kechie Inventory Management solution is designed to track, manage multiple warehouse locations, organize inventory levels, provide cycle count, and improve order fulfillment.

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The Kechie Multi Warehouse Management solution tracks and controls the movement, storage, fulfillment, and shipping, of materials within multiple warehouse locations.

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Kechie Supply Chain Management offers robust Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to track and determine the best route options for the supply cycle.

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