Efficient Procurement Solution for Optimal Cost and Timely Delivery

Kechie’s Procurement solution offers a seamless automation of the procurement process for goods and services, guaranteeing optimal cost and timely efficiency. Our procurement module provides a comprehensive approach to vendor and purchase order management, leveraging our robust Material Requirements Planning (MRP) engine. This ensures that all the necessary information is readily available, facilitating informed purchasing decisions like never before.

Moreover, our procurement solution allows you to implement an approval process that grants complete control over business operations. Access to transaction completion is restricted to authorized users, as defined by your business requirements. This ensures that only the right personnel can oversee and approve crucial procurement decisions, enhancing security and governance within your organization informed purchasing decisions has never been easier.

Cost-Effective Procurement Made Easy

Improve your procurement efficiency and control costs with our comprehensive procurement solution.

Create Purchase Orders Within Seconds:

Instantly generate purchase orders to streamline procurement processes.

Purchase Order Reconciliation:

Easily reconcile purchase orders to ensure accurate accounting records.

Easily Create and Manage Vendors:

Effortlessly add and manage vendor information for a smooth supply chain.

Alerts for Past Due Purchase Orders:

Receive alerts for past due purchase orders to avoid delays and penalties.

Define Approval Process:

Set up an approval process to maintain control and compliance with purchasing policies.

Capture Discounts and Other Costs:

Record discounts and additional costs associated with purchase orders for accurate financial tracking.

Purchase Order Planning with MRP Engine:

Utilize the MRP engine for purchase order planning, optimizing inventory management and cost control.

Advanced Procurement Features

Generate unlimited, customizable MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) Calendars quickly in Kechie to manage your production effectively. This complete planning solution allows companies to plan their production for up to a year, anticipating supply and demand. Kechie’s web-based ERP software enables you to allocate raw materials, components, kits, subassemblies, and more.

Key features include:
  • Create Action MRP Reports with ease
  • Generate calendars for Firm and Planned orders
  • Drill down into supply and demand with real-time data
  • Gain greater visibility into inventory requirements
  • Optimize production levels for superior efficiency company-wide

Automate purchasing requirements across your organization with Kechie’s Purchase Requisition feature. This advanced tool enables various departments or divisions to request goods or services. Once management approves the request, it becomes available for the central purchasing department to view and process.

Key features include:
  • Centralize and automate all inner company requests
  • Convert requests to a Purchase Order in one step
  • Create Multiple Purchase Orders from a single Purchase Requisition
  • Access and create requests anywhere with our cloud-based solution


Save time by quickly creating purchase orders.


Ensure accurate accounting with easy reconciliation.

Vendor Management:

Streamline vendor management for a smoother supply chain.


Avoid delays and penalties with alerts for past due purchase orders.


Maintain control and compliance with a defined approval process.

Cost Optimization:

Capture discounts and costs to optimize spending.

Inventory Management:

Improve inventory management and cost control with purchase order planning using the MRP engine.

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