Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Simplify RMA through Kechie’s Fully Integrated ERP

Kechie ERP’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) solution is a comprehensive and fully integrated ERP solution that effectively manages customer returns through credit, replacement, and cross shipment. The system provides seamless tracking of returns, from the issuance of RMA numbers per customer to the receipt of returned materials and warranty profile management.

What sets Kechie ERP apart from other RMA applications is its out-of-the-box functionality, offering four methods of returns: Cross Shipment, Replacement, Credit, or Refund. These processes are fully automated, allowing for efficient handling of the next steps in the background once the item is received. Credits are issued in AR, replacements are prepared for shipment, and refunds are available in AR for processing and delivery to the customer.

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Benefits of Kechie ERP's Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Solution

  • The return process tracks lot numbers, serial numbers, and warranties
  • Track reasons for returns and quickly identify issues
  • Transfer RMAs between warehouses to be inspected and repaired
  • Create a cross-shipment to see the record before returns are received
  • Create repair work orders for items within or out of warranty
  • Automatic updates and credits to the customer accounts
  • Immediate replacement of cross-shipments for returned goods
  • Reduce overall costs of processing product returns
  • Complete search and tracking throughout the entire RMA process
  • Improves customer service and efficiency

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