Kechie ERP

My Office Apps offers the next generation of cloud-based ERP solutions under the  brand name, Kechie.

Kechie ERP helps streamline your business needs by automating and synchronizing your inventory management, procurement, sales order management, finance, manufacturing CRM, warehouse management, and much more.

The Kechie ERP Software Solution uses a proprietary database to manage the core functionality of your business. Kechie provides information on a real-time basis, so you can make the most accurate decisions for your business needs. Our browser-based software is easily accessible by clicking a link on any device for true mobile compatibility. We minimize the hassle of a large installation and integration that are needed with most traditional software by providing easy, cloud-based implementation.

Order Management

The Kechie Order Management application provides a complete way to manage all of your orders, as well as, a comprehensive analysis of your customer profile, ordering, and sales history.

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Inventory Management

Kechie Inventory Management capabilities are designed for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. It provides complete reports on various aspects of the inventory status.

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The Kechie Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps companies analyze customer interactions, sales pipelines, and other data throughout the customer life cycle. 

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Supply Chain Management

The Kechie Supply Chain Management solution is developed to simplify the connections across the entire process by enabling users to forecast, track, and determine the best route of options for the supply cycle.

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The Kechie Manufacturing application manages everything in the process from MRP to creating jobs and Bill of Materials, fully integrating with the rest of the system to provide a simple, yet in-depth process.

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Kechie Inventory Management capabilities will track vendor orders, and allow a customer to manage vendor purchases in all aspects.

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Multi-Warehouse Management

The Kechie Multi Warehouse Management solution tracks and controls the movement and storage of materials, as well as the fulfillment and shipping, within a warehouse or multiple warehouse locations.

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Financial Management

The Kechie Finance module manages everything from financial planning, finance and accounting, planning, and more all fully integrated within the the solution

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Kechie is always working in the background to help run your business.

The Fully Integrated Kechie ERP Solution

Kechie ERP’s Integrations

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