What do you do when you know it’s time to choose a new ERP system?

ERP systems interconnect and automate key business functions such as; order processing, production, and finances.

It’s essential to any growing business to make sure their software isn’t holding them back, rather, propelling them forward.


What Should You Look for When Choosing an ERP solution?

  • Software Compatibility
  • Learning Curve
  • Functionality
  • Overall Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Deployment Options
  • Scalability
  • Adaptability
how to choose an erp software

How do you choose the right one?

1) Draw up a definite list of requirements

The key is to map out processes that your ERP should support
(80% of customers are unhappy with their current ERP)

2) Decide on a delivery method

Cloud ERP vs the outdated, on premise ERP
(78% of American small businesses will have adopted cloud by 2020)

3) Review the Project Budget

Think about the immediate and long-term financial implications
(Cloud-based ERP allows companies to recover costs within 2 years)
(Kechie ERP has no additional costs apart from monthly license costs)

Efficiency is the most important factor of ERP selection; find an ERP that is cost-effective and will improve your existing processes, (or establish new ones) to select the best ERP solution for your company.

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