Warehouse Management System

Optimizing Multi-Warehouse Operations with Advanced Management System

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) streamlines the handling and storage of materials across various warehouse sites, alongside optimizing the processes of order fulfillment and dispatch. It excels in multi-warehouse management, enabling seamless operations and coordination among different storage locations.

Kechie ERP features advanced order monitoring, facilitating the smooth coordination and delivery of goods with unparalleled accuracy and no disruptions. This capability is crucial for managing operations across multiple warehouses, ensuring that all locations work in harmony.

In essence, this solution provides a robust and efficient approach to overseeing intricate warehouse activities, with a special focus on managing the complexities of multi-warehouse operations.

Reduce Costs with Flexible Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Boost efficiency and reduce costs with precise inventory management and flexible order fulfillment for optimized space and responsive customer service.

Significantly improve your inventory accuracy and overall operational efficiency.

Lowered costs through optimized space management and inventory control.

Fulfill orders from any warehouse, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.

Kechie’s fully integrated system ensures real-time visibility for warehouses into the current status of products and deliveries, powered by a cloud-based data management system.

This integration is key to effective multi-warehouse management, as it allows for instant updates and access to information across all sites.

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Advanced Solutions for Multi-Warehouse Management

Transform your supply chain with our comprehensive solutions, designed to enhance efficiency across multiple warehouses and improve overall inventory management.

Create Multiple Warehouses and Branches:

Expand your storage capabilities and reach by setting up multiple warehouses and branches, allowing for a more diversified and extensive distribution network.

Store Products in Various Warehouses:

Optimize inventory distribution by storing products across different warehouses, ensuring efficient use of space and closer proximity to your customer base.

Transfer Products Between Multiple Warehouses:

Enhance operational flexibility with the ability to transfer inventory between warehouses, adapting quickly to demand fluctuations and logistical needs.

Print and Scan Bar Codes:

Streamline inventory management and reduce errors with the ability to print and scan bar codes, facilitating faster processing and tracking of products.

Bin, Consignment, and Cycle Count Tracking:

Maintain accurate inventory levels with advanced tracking of bins, consignment stock, and regular cycle counts, reducing discrepancies and improving order fulfillment accuracy.

Batch and Serial Compatibility:

Track products with precision through batch and serial number compatibility, enabling detailed tracking of product movements and improving quality control.

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