Accounts Receivable

The Kechie™ Accounts Receivable solution manages customer invoicing and payment processing, provides a history of detailed customer invoices and payment transactions, and allows customer transactions and balances to be monitored with an assortment of AR reports.

Kechie™ helps to streamline line the overall accounts receivable process by automation and simplification of tasks resulting in improved efficiency, expedite incoming cash flow, and reduction of processing costs.

Kechie™ offers an integrated credit card payment processing solution that allows you to charge a customer credit card set up in the system and automatically records the payment upon receipt of authorization.


  • Automatic customer invoicing upon the shipment of sales orders
  • Automatic customer invoices that recur on regular time intervals
  • Integrated credit card payments processing

  • Easily track customer activities and unpaid balances due
  • Simplifies application of AR adjustments, customer payments, and discounts

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