Robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with enhanced features at a competitive price

Don't have a fully-integrated ERP solution managing your business that provides real-time visibility & automation?

Kechie Features & Benefits:

  • Streamlined Inventory with Barcode Scanning capabilities
  • Automated Pick, Pack, and Ship processes  
  • Advanced Procurement & Warehouse Management 
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Built-in Finance & Accounting module  


A Fully Integrated All-In-One Solution

With Kechie you get everything you need in one solution: 

  • Inventory Management
  • Barcoding/ RFID
  • Sales Order Management
  • Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Serial Number & Cost Tracking
  • SKU/ UPC Codes
  • Procurement
  • Kitting
  • Finance
  • CRM
  • RMA 
  • And More! 

Still using an Accounting Software to run your business?

Kechie offers Advanced Inventory/Warehouse features with Finance & Accounting already built-in.


Built in and for the Cloud

Customized to your needs

Scalable & Easy to Use

Streamline Your Business Operations With Kechie

Kechie makes running your business smoothly a priority. With the easy-to-use interface, customizable fields, and single software platform, it is the best Suite alternative. 

  • The Next Generation of Cloud Inventory Management & Control Software 
  • Kechie adapts to you and your business, not the other way around  
  • Real-time visibility & tracking of orders, stock levels, PO's, deliveries, finances, and more  
  • Freedom to manage your business from anywhere
  • Access to data across the supply chain, as well as, unlimited cycle counts!

“The customer service is top notch with Kechie from the top down. Kechie has the best value for money for an ERP that a company needs.” - Ari S.  

Plus, you'll get free training & updates, with full transparency

We don't have hidden charges!

  • Unlike our competitors, Kechie doesn't come with extra fees.
  • Offer the most competitive pricing while exceeding your expectations. 
  • Data migration, training, and setup are all included in the implementation, eliminating the associated IT costs.
  • Kechie is a full-fledged solution.

Kechie Ease of Use

  • Customizable down to the user-level
  • In-software training available
  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

Provide Extraordinary Value

  • With Kechie, you can expect more value than the other popular ERP solutions.
  • Unlimited free updates, 24/7 support, and the amazing streamlining capabilities 
  • We are proud to say you won't find a fully-integrated solution that is tailored to fit your business needs at the most competitive price as Kechie. 

See how Kechie can streamline
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