5 Tips That Wholesalers Can Use To Better Manage Their Warehouses


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1. Offer special pricing for your overstocked inventory

Building savings campaigns for your overstocked inventory through daily, weekly, or monthly deals, lets you one-up your competition, and move your merchandise quickly and easily. Retailers will watch for these specials and will appreciate the added savings they receive when they deal with your company which means – yes, you guessed it – more orders!


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2. Make ordering, delivery, and billing as seamless as possible

Automate your order management and product distribution processes as much as you can. This means less waiting for busy retailers who want a simple, streamlined process, putting your company near the top of their lists of wholesaling firms to bring their business to. It’s important to utilize an inventory management software that can streamline the operations for you!


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3. Give your sales reps what they need to succeed

Do your sales reps have all the information they need going into sales appointments? Forward-thinking wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors are understanding that in order to make sales in this day and age, sales reps need to add value to their sales conversations, not just go through the motions of writing down a reorder. Using a capable CRM is the next best step to creating more sales, and maximizing the sales process.


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4. Differentiate on customer service, not price

Wholesalers who can differentiate their brands by providing great customer service are seeing returns. Think about how you can create a modern, convenient experience for your customers. How can you fulfill orders more quickly and replace transactional activity with strategic value? The short answer, is increased customer service. By tracking what your clients are purchasing and how often they do it through a sales order management software, you can get an insight into making sure you are their go-to distributor.


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5. Get your inventory under control

You can’t run a profitable wholesale distribution business if you don’t have a good handle on inventory management.
Tracking incoming/outgoing inventory, doing regular physical inventory counts, and implementing a great inventory management software, are all key in keeping your inventory in good standing.

Wholesalers can optimize their business by implementing these strategies within their warehouses today.