Bullet-Proof your IT System in 2020

bullet proof glass being inspected

As we move into a new decade, it seems we are regularly hearing of new security leaks which are costing companies millions.  With the evolution of information technology, the “bad guys” continue to ramp up their game. Many CIOs and top managers are placing high priority on keeping their data systems secure from hackers — working to improve their software, systems, and procedures.  

Smart managers are leveraging cloud-based technology advancements to keep their systems and data secure.  The transition to cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is rapidly transforming the security issues of the past.  A common misconception of ERP systems is that on-premise systems will have better security than a cloud-based system. Let us take this opportunity to burst that bubble.  A cloud-based system is MORE SECURE than one that you might operate on your own site.

cloud security imageWhy is Cloud-based Security Better?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers are particularly focused on excelling in this area.  SaaS providers utilize highly-trained staff to identify and eliminate potential security threats.  With cyber-security experts, security is top priority. Corporate IT staff manage many responsibilities, and few are focused exclusively on the cutting edge of cyber threats.  

Employing the right software to protect your data is equally important in warding off potential security threats.  At My Office Apps, Inc., we partner with the Progress Software company for the back-end database functionality of our Kechie™ ERP software.  Progress Software, founded in 1981, is one of the largest providers of database management software worldwide. The following security features are built into the software:

  • Authentication:  Security measures determine who is allowed ®into the system via User Interface (UI) or directly to API’s
  • Authorization:  Security levels determine what data each user can access
  • Auditing:  Security tracking verifies which user made changes
  • Data-at-Rest:  Security of data when stored in the application
  • Data-in-Motion:  Security of data when flowing through architectural components in the application
  • Network Connectivity:  Accessibility is safe inside and outside the application boundaries

The Kechie™ software takes advantage of these features by creating a smooth interface to security functionality and enhancements.  For example, individual permissions can be programmed in the system for each user with NO ACCESS, VIEW, UPDATE, or ADMIN privileges. These permissions allow you to keep employees on a need-to-know basis and prevent unauthorized viewing, deleting, or changing of data.  Another important feature is the CHANGE LOG function. Kechie™ provides built-in detection of data changes. Recovering from inadvertent errors is just a few clicks away. Finally, the cloud-based system has automatic data replication functionality. Should a database become invalid due to hacking or other reason, the replicated information is available for restoration while maintaining functionality for the end user. 

While communicating your data over the internet, precautions must be taken to ensure that a bad actor can’t tap into the connection, read the data, or cause mischief with this information.  The internet standard for this is called Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Kechie™ software fully complies. All data transmitted between the end user and the server is encrypted. If someone was able to intercept the data, he/she cannot decode it.  Data-at-rest on the server is also encrypted preventing any decoding if hardware were to be compromised.  

As companies look to 2020 information technology, many are gravitating toward cloud computing to ensure IT security and efficiency.  It is critical that top managers use reliable, secure and accessible technology. With the Kechie™ ERP system, data and systems are secure.  Leave the cyber-security to us … you have more important things to do.    

My Office Apps, Inc. (MOA) is the leader in business improvement software solutions to automate your organization.  Building on three decades of software design and development, MOA delivers Kechie™, a transformative business tool. Kechie™ is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a Service (SaaS) with a simplified user experience and the latest in cloud technology.  It is quick and easy to implement without the expensive price tag. Sold in separate modules – inventory management, ERP, finance, manufacturing – Kechie™ is easily configured to the scalable needs of your growing business. For more information on managing your business end-to-end or streamlining business processes, visit www.myofficeapps.com.